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Human Rights Voice For Minorities is the first ever registered non profit organization working for the provision of good standard of living for those who do not have any means of accessing it.Creating an awareness amongst the poor for their rights and improving the shape of attaining a educated and healthy life.

Our focus stands for three Major areas

4-Freedom of Speech

HRVM was established in 2008 with the vision of providing quality education and medical facilities to those who have limited resources. Under the guidance of highly qualified and professional leader, HRVM team have successfully achieved some major break throughs in Pakistan. A team with a sincere approach has provided health and educational facilites to hundreds based on it own resources and poolings in monetary aspects and various other ways.

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Mission Statement:

The mission of HRVM is to work for protection of all human rights for all the minorities, to create awareness, to help empower people to realize their rights, and to assist minorites to live a better standard of living.

In Carrying out this mission HRVM will :

Health :

HRVM will ensure that it doest what ever it takes to provide medical facilities to those who do not have access or not able to afford it.

Education :

To Provide quality education to those who have education beyond their reach.

Welfare :

To come up with solutions to reduce poverty and improve better standard of living.

Freedom of Speech :

HRVM has been making continous efforst for the democratics rights of people , providing opportunitites to aware people of their democratic rights by conducting seminars and using other tools.

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