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2nd Books Distribution Ceremony

Hrvm recently provided free books to the deserving students at their school. Children here in this school have some painful stories of their own. Few of them were thrown out of school becuase they didnt had the fees. Some of them didnt enter any school before we provided them opporuntity to do so.
We believe that everyone has a right to get education and to make it more bold we try that our school provides not only education to children but a quality education so these children have a secure future like any other kid and compete with them in any manner.
This is the second episode of book distritbution ceremony ,as new admission are growing with us.
So far HRVM has not been being funded by any one and they provide all these awesome opportunities to children on their own. Children themselves have expressed in this books distribution ceremony that there experience here is delightful.


Free Medical Camps

Hrvm is also involved in raising the standards of people in the section of health. Free medical camps are conducted in areas where health facilites are out of reach for masses.

Comptetent team of doctors , nurses and technicians help out Hrvm for this purpose. Free Medicine and other Medical facilites are provided to people who cant afford and unable to pay the heavy bills of hospitals. The plan is to reach out people as more as we can as Hrvm carries out this mission all on its own, with no aid or support from any private or government sector, Hrvm is comitted to this noble cause . We request your help in both financial support and prayers to continue unto this journey. Be our partners in this generous work and let us together improve the living standard of poor. We think it is our responsibility to give world more healthy people who can actively play their part too. For Donations you can visit our contact us page.


Free Education


Hrvm realised very long ago the power of education in any society, the majority of people in pakistan is illiterate, many who can even just write their name are considered in the literate group. Many factors add to this low level of education and the on the top of them is poverty. There are many people who can afford to pay heavy fees to schools to send their children to schools. A ver large number of people hardly gather enough money so they can feed their familes once in a day. This explains that people who hardly get to eat , how can they send their children to schools. This doest not stop here. To gather more people send their children to work, some become beggars, some motor mechanics and some server at local resturants serving tea at the age of 10-12. This type of situation becomes a threat to a society where crime rates rise becuase of the inferiority complex and no education.

We are very determined to help society in gaining for more educated persons which results in better society, low crime rates and confident people, which is very much required for a society to prosper and grow. Keeping this mind hrvm is providing free education to kids who cant afford and not only education , Hrvm is comitted to provide quality education to children , so when they grow up they can compete with other young ones who had education from elite schools. Hrvm is conducting this education promise all on its own , member pooling their resources and hired a building , teachers , books and other material required. Children their have given their testimonies that they are happy there and now have hope of bright future. 

you can also join us to make world a better place, please visit our contact us page for further queries and if you wana join us.


Two Day Seminar on Minorities Rights


A two day seminar on Minorities rights was conducted at Rawalpindi Press Club , on the death anniversary of Father of Nation Mr. Muhammad Ali jinnah. The seminar was a grand success for HRVM as a large number of crowd gathered belonging to various communities and multiple religions, where HRVM had the opportunity to create an environment to provide vast information to masses about their democratic rights.

A gathering of 400 plus , included professials from different areas of life like , professors, doctors, politicians, leaders, think tanks etc etc. actively participated in the event. Christians, Hindus and sikh brothers appreciated the need and organization of such events which provide information about their rights in this country.

Following are some names which addressed the seminar:

1-Allama Zaheer Hashmi ( Central Chairman National Peace committee NPCIH) 

2-Mrs. Allama Zaheer Hashmi

3-Pandi Om Parkash

4-Malik Shakeel Awan (MNA PMLN)

5-Prof. Ronald Pervaiz (President HRVM)




Women Seminar on 15th June 2013

A Seminar for women was organized by Pakistan Christian Council and Human Rights VOice for Minorities on 15th June 2013 at Evangelical Church, Dhoke Kala Khan, RWP.

Programe was started with prayer and Pastor Issac D Sardar conveyed the importance of organizaition from biblical point of view.

Two women speakers were invited to deliver message on the topic of "Role of Woman in Organization building". Miss Sahar Khar and Ms Arzo Riaz empahsised that women are in a place to influence not only people around but the next generation. Its time for them to come out and participate actively in the organizations around.

In her message Miss Sahar told that a an organization is essntial to achieve goals with a plan and leadership to lead a group of people. Its difficult for Individulas to acheive things at bigger level.

PCC's Women Wing Organizer Mrs. Kosar Wilson invited the participants to join PCC and HRVM which was accepted whole heartedly.

President PCC and HRVM pointed out that Chrisitans which were the biggest minority in Paksitan have become second largest minority. Its reasons can be different but we need to relaize that we should get ourselves registered in Electoral lists and in Nadra registration offices so that our correct number is displayed in records. 


Seminar: “Role of Organization in Educational, Political and Social awareness in Pakistani Christian”.

 A Seminar was held under the banner of Human Rights Voice for Minorities on 27th of July 2013 in 7th Day Adventist Church, Rawalpindi. The Topic of the Seminar was “Role of Organization in Educational, Political and Social awareness in Pakistani Christian”.

Pastor Hanook David, Pastor Incharge of First UP Church and Advisor of Pakistan Christian Council (PCC) and Human Rights Voice for Minorities (HRVM), explained from the Biblical point of view the importance of organization in every aspect of life especially in church. From the example in Exodus 18:13 onwards he showed how the leaders can organize people to achieve goals of their visions.
Professor Ronald Pervaiz, President Human Rights Voice for Minorities, in his speech narrated how lack of organization since the beginning has effected Pakistani Christians badly. Because of no organizational support we had no say in times when discriminative acts were passed in legislative assemblies. Church is the strongest organization which failed to deliver properly their role in building church as an institution which is organizing church as well as producing leaders.
At the end Mr. Samuel Mall, Senior Vice President of HRVM thanked the speakers, Participants and Church administration. Seminar was followed by lunch.

Role of Minorities in the creation of Pakistan by Ujala michelle youth coordinator

 Pakistan was born as a secular country which is clear by many statements of the father of the nation Quid-i-Azim Mohamad Ali Jinnah espesially his innagural address

of the first meeting of the constitute assembly on 11th August 1947 which was not an ordinary address but he was telling the world what type of this new state will be
in fact this was the basic idealogy of Pakistan .Quid-i-Azim were aware about all the practical efforts of the minority communities for the creation of this new state on the
world map he said"you are free to go into the mosque, temple ,church state has nothing to do with what is your creed,faith you are all equall citizen of the state"
in all his speech he never talked about the islamic laws in the country rather he appointed Mr.Jogindar Nath Mandal to preside over the first session of the constitute
assembly and later he was inducted as the law minister of the new cabinet of the country although there were many muslim lawyers around him especially Hussain
shaheed suharwardi the emminent lawyer of the east Pakistan.
what happened after this first speech of 11th August 1947 many companions were surprised to hear the thoughts of the great leader in the constitute assembly
and later secretory general of the cabinet Mohmmad Ali released the press advice not publish the speech in the press but he was not successful because many
indian news papers published it  Quod-i-Azim was not aware about this conspiracy of his companions  actually he was not having a good health as he worked day
and night to get this new country even he did not care about his health and all the muslim league leadership was aware about his poor health and they were doing
all that what they had in their heart and mind to make the Pakistan as theocratic state in future.
Pakistan could have not achieved without the vote of the christian and hindu legislatives because muslim league which was headed  by the Jinnah not having the simple
majority in any province which were going to be the part of Pakistan inspite of the fact muslims of these provinces voted for the muslim league the statistics of the 
1946 elections held under the british rulers in india shows 80to 95%  voted for the muslim league but yet in the punjab province they were not equal to the unionists
and the congress short of four to win the simple majority these votes were given by the christian members of the assembly in favour of Pakistan in sind province
muslim league and congress had the equal votes but muslim league was enjoying the government in sind because of the favour of the governer sind Mudie
in east bengal province which became east pakistan(now Bangla desh) out of 250 members of the assembly muslim league had only 115 memebers with three other
muslims as independent so league needed 126 memebers to include this part in pakistan who were they which supported the muslim league and Quid-i-Azim
they were the schedule casts and christian memebers of the bengal assembly  it is not the only effort of minorities in legislative assemblies to support the resulation
for pakistan but in punjab province christian appeared before the boundry commision to include their areas in pakistan.
in view of this minorities seems to be standing shoulder to shoulder with the Quid-i-Azim for getting their new beloved homeland Pakistan and none of the muslim
political or religious parties were with the father of the nation rather they were opposing him and the movement of pakistan calling pakistan as na pakistan(no pakistan)
and kafar-i- Azim(Big kafar, non believer) to our great leader Mohamad Ali Jinnah. these were all standing with and supporting the congress and their leader Mr.Gandhi
(founder of india) these parties include Jamait Islami, Jamiat ulmai Hind , Ulmai Deoband , Khaksar Tehrik(which even attemted to murder the father of the nation)
the unionist party, and Hirar ul islam etc,
But at this difficult time minority communitie christian, schedule casts,other lower casts of hindu's parsee's were standing with Quid-i-Azim practically rather in the front line but what happend with them as the father of the nation died just after 13 months of the creation of the pakistan,
Pakistan became the religious state all who were opposing pakistan and the Quid they are influential now their idealogy is the idealogy of Pakistan and in today's
Pakistan after the death of Quid the country's name is Islamic Republic of Pakistan non of the person from the religious minority can be the head of the state and
the prime minister of the country according to the articles (41&91) of the 1973 constitution of pakistan all the laws will be in accordance with the Quran &Sunnah article(2)
of the constitution the nomenclature of the country will be "Islamic Republic of Pakistan " article (1)of the constitution.
But however article (25) states "all will be equal before the law irrespective of the color and creed" my question to all of you and especially the lawyer community is this
keeping in view all the discussion and the articles mentioned here even then minorities are having the equal rights? Doesthe article 25 matches with the articles 1,2,41&91 if answer is still yes is there any governer, chief minister, federal secretory , ambssoder around the world representative and the delegate in UN include
the minority community?somebody will now say minorities have represetation in all the assemblies and the senate and even the reprsentation in the federal and provincial cabinets I will say well said but my question will be are they all elected by the direct votes of the religious minority voters? certainly not they are imposed
on minorities by the muslim leaderships of the political and religious parties of the country where as all the muslims are directly elected by the voters even then 
will you say the are representing the minorities?in the senate of pakistan minority were given the representation through 18th ammendment in the constitution
first time in the history of pakistan in 2012 means after 65 years since 1947. yet the minorities are not given representation according to their population and  they
are not allowed to have a choice to elect their representatives in the parliaments in this way either the present members in the parliaments or in the ministers from the 
minority communities in the federal or provincial cabinets they are the representative of the governments and hence they represent the voice and feelings of the governments and their political bosses and not the minorities and at the end my question to all of you is it punishment for standing faithfully in the movement of pakistan and with the Quid-i-Azim Mohamad Ali Jinnah?where as minorities are still loyal with the country more than any other we are serving faithfuly in every walk of life but 
when we will be treated equally in our own homeland?Is this country is a product of the efforts of the muslims only?
Thank you very much for listining me calmly and patiently.
Ujala Michelle
MSc Media Sciences
youth coordinator,
Human Rights for Minorities

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